Entertaining, Educational and Inspiring Tour 

When Students and Teachers are Together Outside the Classroom, New Educational Environments and Experiences are Possible!
Yesterday our students visited The ice cream factory LEDO, a winery “Hercegovina produkt” in Čitluk, the Museum of the monastery of St. Anthony in Humac, the Ethno village Herceg in Medjugorje, an Olive tree ranch “Maslinik”, and the Winery & Olive oil refinery Mikulic. We had fantastic slow food experience in a beautiful wedding salon Ohio in Ljubuski. Everything has combined to make our educational tour an amazing experience!

Farm-To-School Program

While fresh, local food is growing in popularity among consumers, it’s also growing in our school system! Through this Farm-To-School program, our own farmers supply the school with the freshest food possible, and kids are able to visit farms to see where their food comes from. Farm-to-school is a great way to get students excited about healthy eating.

Learning About Different Religions and Faith Traditions

If we want kids to understand their world, they need to know the basics about different faith traditions. Today our students visited a Mosque, a Catholic church, and an Orthodox church. Thanks to our guides and teachers for a very meaningful morning.

Cantonal Mathematics Competition

Our student  Filip Milivojević did an outstanding performance at the Cantonal Mathematics Competition in Neum with 4th place!  Congratulations dear Filip! And a big thank you to our teacher Tanja for preparing him for the competition!