About Us

International primary school Mostar (IPSM) has been offering quality education in a familiar and friendly atmosphere for students from all nationalities since 2013. The school, recognized by the BiH Ministry of Education and Science, is an independent, multinational day school.

At IPSM student learn local language according to the curriculum from MOES of BiH. IPSM offers the curriculum at the international level in which English is used as the medium of classroom instruction. Free studies are English language classes. The goal of these classes is to improve and encourage students’ knowledge of this subject. These classes are not part of compulsory teaching or other forms of educational work. The contents of these classes are defined on the basis of student needs during the teaching process and can not be defined in advance, and in accordance with the texts used in teaching.

Our highly-qualified experienced and dedicated professional teachers are committed to ensuring that each child is valued, cared for and given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

While we do respect all religions and faith traditions, those practiced in Bosnia & Herzegovina, as well as other not found in our country, religion will not be taught at our school curriculum, as we would like to keep it religion-neutral.

Our students come from all corners of the world. They range from various ethnicities and nationalities, including students coming from such far-distance countries as Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Slovakia, USA, and Sweeden.

We encourage the development of inclusive and harmonious society built on trust, respect, and spirit of humanistic values and internationalism, and to bridge divides that have grown wider over the last two decades as e result of ethnic parochialism, fear and lack of proper educational strategies.

Our vision was that our school become an embryo that will promote the spirit of togetherness, humanism and multiethnic harmony. We are proud that we have reached our goals together!