Principal’s note

There Is No Other School In BiH Like IPSM! 

Our students love coming to school as they study their academic curriculum. Our unique timetable together with the motivation provided by afterschool activities stimulates our students to achieve best results in all areas of their life.

Our environment is supportive and nurturing of creativity and our students become lateral thinkers excited about life beyond school.  We create an environment that inspires and encourages creativity and diversity and we think that this is essential for our future adults of the 21st century.

Our Values

We embrace creative expression in a non-judgemental and inclusive environment. At our school, we are proud to embrace the following core values: Humility, Honour, Passion, Commitment, Appreciation and to demonstrate these in all our endeavors. We recognize that students who have been nourished through creative experiences are more able to build their confidence and self-esteem.

We Celebrate Your Child’s Creativity 

There are real and tangible social advantages for students in our school. By its very nature, this is a nurturing environment for students. Students are happier and build deep reservoirs of confidence and self-esteem.

International primary school is dedicated to providing education in all three languages recognized in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in English to foster the spirit of internationalism and global awareness. Our school is based on internationalism and secular approach, and freedom of access to pupils of all races, colors, faiths, or no faiths at all. We trust that our school, even a small institution, will eventually grow into an important pillar of a strong multicultural and vibrant city of Mostar it had been throughout history.

We should also like to advise you that our school is one of the rare international schools of this type in our country and we hope to be able to promote international harmony and foster the spirit of multiculturalism by providing quality education from an early age for our students.