School Costume Party 2020!

Today we had such a great time at International primary school. Students and teachers enjoyed the Masquerade and received awards for their creativity!

Open Days 2020

Come join us for our Open Days 2020! Watch real teaching and learning and get a flavour of the friendly, welcoming, community atmosphere around our school. You will meet our students and teachers and see for yourself what makes IPSM a consistently outstanding school!

What We Eat?

Healthy eating is essential to your child’s development and their performance at school. All of our meals and snacks feature nutritious food, with little sugar or fat. These are provided in line with their dietary needs and the wishes of parents. During the snack and lunch breaks, students learn the importance of good table manners and are able to socialize with other students in comfortable dining rooms.

What Animals Live In The Sahara Desert?

Poisonous snakes and scorpions, ferocious cheetahs, graceful gazelles, and drought-adapted addaxes all call the Sahara home. We usually tend to picturise the Sahara Desert as a vast, parched, lifeless stretch of sandy landscape with scattered nomadic tribes and their domesticated camels. However, there is much more to the Sahara than we think.

3rd-grade presentation: The desert animals & desert plants – jerboa, fennec fox, cactus, camel, and rattlesnake!