A Happy Place To Learn & Grow

IPSM has been offering quality education in a familial and friendly atmosphere for students from all nationalities.
The language of instruction for mainstream school subjects is English.At IPSM students learn Bosnian/ Serbian/Croatian  &  English language.Our school follows the Curriculum for schools in FBiH and Cambridge Primary Curriculum.
All-Day School 
Students are provided with a level of professional care in a safe, stable and secure environment. (8am-5 pm)

Modern Learning Environment
The modern classroom is transforming, and effective use of ICT in our School provides the perfect platform for teachers to adapt and improve their teaching practices.
Personal Approach To Education
We encourage independence, confidence and ambition in all our students. Our teachers play a pivotal role in giving each student individual attention and quality time.IPSM offers a variety of exciting and enjoyable Clubs which range from the sporty to the artistic.  Children have fantastic fun, make new friends and develop skills, interests, and talents.
Our small classes and international faculty provide a warm, multicultural environment that engages students in math, science, social studies, physical education, and arts. Picture your child: fluent in another language, at home in other cultures, and actively engaged in their learning. A true global citizen.